Video Games That Can Teach You About Science

When people love science, they find multiple ways of learning about the topic they enjoy. Science can be in various places, from YouTube to books. People prefer YouTube because it is a bit more entertaining and because videos are much more interesting than reading. It’s also, for example, much easier to learn how to bet on rizk bonus code using videos. Books, however, can help us learn a subject in a much more detailed way. What about learning from video games? Can you learn from video games? Yes, you can, but will you? That is a different story. Oh, it helps if the video game in question is coded in a way so that you can learn from it. Here are the best video games which can teach you science.

The Oregon Trail

Oh boy, this game features so many lists that it is almost impossible not to mention it. It is on many lists for a good reason. It is very educational and can be extremely difficult to play. It was released in 1971, but had multiple releases over the years. The most popular version is from 1985 and it is a text-based adventure survival game where you play as pioneers in the 19th century, trying to follow the Oregon Trail. You can learn anything from survival, resource management, history and geography. It is a very hard game where each and every one of your characters eventually die from dysentery. 


Old-school pixel graphics? Who wants that? Almost every child, apparently. Minecraft is extremely popular and children love playing it. Even adults dabble in Minecraft. Children can receive more educational benefits, however. Teamwork, mathematics, calculations and resource management are all what you can learn from Minecraft, not to mention hand-eye coordination. The developers even got emails from parents who said that their children were taking an interest in various subjects because of Minecraft.


Portal is like The Incredible Machine, only a lot more interactive. The latter was a puzzle-solver, where you had to use your limited objects to solve increasingly complex puzzles. Some were that complex that people struggled with them for years.

Portal is a first-person adventure game where your goal is to reach a certain spot, using portals. But, you can’t just teleport from one location to another, you also have to teleport various objects to open up a way for yourself. The game teaches problem solving, physics, math and spatial awareness.

The Bookworm Series

Bookworm and Bookworm Adventures are basically all games where your goal is to create large words. Some games have boss battles where the only way you win is by creating very large words. Not only do you practice your awareness, but you also learn words as you go. Who knew that there were so many ways of creating a noun or adjective, by adding who knows how many suffixes. Well, now you might get a clue.

Any Quiz Game

This is a bit vague, but any quiz video game is a game which can teach you anything from history to sports. Quiz & Dragons is a favorite, an arcade game from 1992. There are plenty more games, especially newer ones, which are up to date and will not ask you sports questions from the 1980s and 1970s. 

These are but a couple video games which can teach you something. If you are mindful enough, you might even spot some science in other games.