Things Science Can’t Explain – Yet

Our world is full of mysteries, right? From the basic principles of physics, Newton’s laws, to some really complicated things like quantum mechanics. But those are no longer mysteries (to an extent, at least), because scientists already explained them. What does that leave us with? Well, a lot of things, actually. We are still working on explaining so many phenomena in the world, that you could write a really long list, let alone do research on the subject. Science still didn’t explain everything, though it probably will at some point. Here are some of the most common and interesting things which are yet to be explained by science.


Yes, yawning. We yawn all the time, when we are tired and when we see someone else yawn, or even hear them over the phone. How many times has it happened to you that when you are not even sleepy, you yawn when you hear your friend yawn over the phone. You don’t even have to see them yawn in order to yawn yourself. But why do we yawn? It’s still a mystery. If you yawn when seeing others yawn, scientists believe it is connected with empathy, trying to copy their own state and understand it better. It is one of the reasons that psychopaths are unable to yawn when seeing someone else yawn. Chimpanzees are also capable of yawning when seeing humans yawn.

Yawning itself is believed to have a thermoregulatory function as it is supposed to keep the brain cool. 

Dark Matter

This is a touchy subject, in the sense that it is very difficult to understand. Dark matter is what comprises most of the universe, scientists think. They believe that there is more dark matter than regular matter. They also believe that it is fundamental and that it is an essential part of gravity.

Dark matter is observed because it bends light in high enough concentrations. It doesn’t reflect it or emit it, though. It is also believed, by another theory, that dark matter is comprised out of black holes. Another thing to note is that dark matter is most likely not made out of the same substances as regular matter, protons, neutrons and electrons, but rather something that is still not discovered.

Purring of Cats

Cats purr, everyone knows that. We all love it when we hear our cats purr, because it means they are content, as well as because of the frequency of the purring. Yes, humans react very well to those low frequencies, between 25 and 100 hertz. But, it is still not known why cats purr, exactly. As it is with yawning, the purring of cats is believed to do multiple things, from promoting bone growth to accelerating healing effects.

Science tries every single day to explain a multitude of things, as well as invent new ones. Some things have not been explained for a while now, like yawning and purring, but given enough time and effort, they will most likely be explained. Science, in the end, is relentless.