The Latest Scientific Discoveries Which Are Important for the World

Science keeps on evolving, and we are evolving with it. Science does a lot of things right, from studying and improving, to making things available for everyone, for an inexpensive price. Science brought us everything from cars to the internet. The question is, what will science do for us in the coming years? What can we expect from science which will change the world, as it already has countless times? Plenty of things, but the following are the most interesting ones.

Extremely Precise Lasers

Today’s lasers can do almost anything, from cutting steel to cutting extremely small transistors, 7 nanometers small. They also hit your eyes and make you see better, for you must have heard of laser eye surgery. Lasers which are able to cut a single cell, not destroying anything else surrounding it should be coming in the near future. Those lasers could very well completely change the healthcare system, almost eliminating cancer. 

Quantum Computing

This is being worked on and billions of dollars are being dumped into researching quantum computing. It works similarly to how Schrodinger’s Cat works, the quantum bits not being anything until they are asked to be something. This could basically speed up everything, from computing, research to a basic search. Yes, the major universities and research centers would have access to this, but they actually need it, while consumers would not have any benefits unless they start handling and researching all sorts of huge data. 

Autonomous Vehicles

Tesla already has an AI which can pilot its vehicles on the highways. Volvo and Renault are also working on their own self-driving vehicles while General Motors has plans for making vehicles without a steering wheel or pedals. These vehicles might be the future, you being driven everywhere, without having to steer or use the pedals. It sounds scary but the technology is here, it just needs more work, to become even better and more autonomous.

Electric Cars

Self-driving cars are entertaining and interesting, but electric cars are also very important for the environment. People still have electric car range anxiety but with time and more electric cars on the roads, this will change. Hybrid cars have been around for a while now and they are amazing in their own way. Electric cars don’t have internal combustion engines and they are much better when it comes to emissions. 

Science is taking us to a new world, literally. Some people will see Mars in person in the coming decades. Others will get to live longer due to medicine becoming much better at solving problems and having the technology to do it. Some might play better video games and others will enjoy a ride without driving. You name it, science will find a way to solve it, with enough time.