Mind-Blowing Facts about Biology

People often talk about statistics and sports, or feats of humans from all over the world, not to mention the size of some stars (if you placed Betelgeuse instead of the Sun, it would reach Jupiter, for example) or the amount of food someone could eat. Well, all of these things are impressive, but none of them as impressive as various facts you can find about biology. Well, for some of them, it could be argued that they are more impressive, but that is beyond the point. The point is, however, that biology has plenty of interesting things it can teach us. Here are some mind-blowing facts to make your day better.

The Size of Human Cells

We all know that cells are relatively small, but not small enough. Cells are definitely not smaller than atoms and those are very small. But, in the human body, there are plenty of large and small cells. Did you know that the smallest human cell belongs to the male spermatozoid? Contrary to that, there has to be the largest human cell, right? Well, it is the female egg cell. Talk about size and measuring it, right? 

Blood is Red, Even in Nobles

Nobles do not have blue blood, because humans have iron in their blood. Well, iron helps color the blood because of a substance called porphyrin, the shape of which produces the color red. Funnily enough, the shape of the porphyrin is dictated by the oxygen we breathe. If it were another substance, the blood might get a different color. This is well-documented, because blood coming out of arteries is different than the blood coming out of veins.  

The Toughness of Human Bones

If you look at human bones, they don’t look that tough, right? Hit them in the wrong way and they easily break, causing us tons of problems. But, the human femur, the largest bone in our bodies, can support up to 30 times the weight of the average human body. If you take into consideration the density of the bone and its size, that means that the human femur is tougher than steel.

Coyotes are Faster than Road Runners

Remember Wile E. Coyote who never got to catch Road Runner? Well, in real life, coyotes are much faster than road runners, up to 30% faster. Some people just like road runners more than coyotes.

See Like a Dragonfly

Why would you want to see like a hawk? They do have great vision, but what about dragonflies? The human eye has a single lens while a dragonfly has around 30,000 of them. Talk about multiple perspectives at once.

Sleep Like an Armadillo

Unlike other animals, armadillos spend most of their lives asleep, about 80% of it. For comparison, humans spend around 30% of their lives asleep, or 10% if they are students, or even less if they are new parents.

Biology is rather interesting, wouldn’t you agree? It has plenty of such interesting facts, which might make you rethink almost everything. Imagine how many more there are, this being a rather short list.