Breakthrough Technologies and Inventions that Changed the World

Our world is changing. What was once a world filled with fire and fireplaces is now a world fueled by nuclear reactors and heated in various ways. Sure, some people still have a fireplace, but that is more a commodity than a necessity. Some inventions have changed the world, like the internet. Most of our lives would now be unimaginable without the internet. There would be no free information, no accessible ways of socializing and ordering food and a lack of entertainment (The Polish people would know all about it since they’re passionate about sports and can’t seem to stay offline because of sites such as In addition, some things people take as granted such as betting online with the Karamba bonus on your favorite team were not always that accessible. There have been plenty of such technologies that changed our world. Here is a list of them, in no particular order.

The Internet

This is the obvious one. With the internet, everyone can reach everyone in just a second. If you are in Europe, you can easily talk to someone in Australia, without much delay, even. If your connection is good, you can have a live stream and show them around your hometown. This is amazing. Imagine a world without the internet. Some of us remember that world. It was still fun and interesting, yet you couldn’t obtain information instantly, as well as entertainment, education and even socializing. The internet also brought us a lot more, like the ability for scientists to communicate and exchange information easily. 

Quantum Computing

This is still in development, but it could very well change our world. It is a form of computing which turns bits into quantum bits, where they use predictive states rather than precise ones. In other words, quantum computing would be able to do everything much faster. It would make everything better, from artificial intelligence to simple searches.

3D Printed Organs

This is very interesting. Organs being 3D printed means that everyone could have a replacement organ when needed. This is still relatively new and extremely expensive and difficult to produce. In time, it might become an everyday thing. On the other hand, people are trying to make real organs from a host’s cell, a perfect replacement, if you will. It sounds like science fiction, but it is or rather, it will be reality.

Self-driving Vehicles

There is nothing like being driven. What about being driven without even having a steering wheel or pedals? General Motors is working on such a vehicle. Renault, Volvo, Tesla and plenty more manufacturers already have cars which are self-driving to an extent. After some time, we will actually have cars which will drive us, instead of us doing the driving.


Lasers are interesting, but can also do much more than shine pretty light. Lasers are used to cut things, everything from transistors which make up most of our technology, to people. Yes, people are operated on by lasers. Some people consider that we will have lasers, small and precise enough that they will be able to eliminate single cells, like cancer cells. Lasers are already being used every single day and are going to be a large part of our future.

Nuclear Power

Even though the first nukes were used to bomb cities, not even 11 years later we got a nuclear reactor, in 1956. Ever since, nuclear reactors have been popping up all over the planet. They are expensive but they are friendly towards the environment, provided that the waste is disposed of properly. Some countries in the world are switching to nuclear power as their primary source.

There are plenty of innovations in history that helped shape our world. These innovations are currently shaping are world and are going to keep shaping it, especially when they evolve even more. What is to come, nobody knows, but we are expecting it with excitement.