The Major Branches of Science

Before science was even classified as science, people only knew of science as philosophy. Philosophers established most of the ideas which lead to the segregation of sciences. As the world developed, new branches of science were added but for the most part, most of the said branches could simply be a subgroup of an already existing science. Science has been chopped into pieces, or rather, divided into groups. There are a couple of branches of science and lots of sub-branches. If you ever wanted to know which are the major branches of science, then read on.

Mathematics and Logic

Logic, out of which many of today’s major branches of science were created, is now a branch of its own. When people think of math, they think of arithmetics, but when mathematicians think of math, oh boy. Mathematics and logic both deal with very abstract forms of both thought and action, but more so thought. Hypotheses, theories, discoveries, theoretical work, for the most part, is what mathematics and logic cover. 

Social Science

For those who prefer dealing and studying people and things related to people, social science is the right choice. If you like studying the human brain, mind, thoughts, diseases, disabilities and disorders, then Psychology is the right science for you. Others, they prefer studying human relations and organization, or Sociology. For those who are more keen on numbers, Economy is the right science. All three of these make up social science. These sciences are important because they help us organize our lives better, on both a personal level and that of our society. 

Physical Science

Ah, the so called hardcore sciences. With Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry and Geology, the physical sciences deal with the world surrounding us, in all possible ways, from the way atoms react with one another to the fact that there might even be multiple universes, and not just this one. Physical science is for those who prefer studying the universe around us and not dedicating their brains simply to living creatures, but everything, everything which underlies our world.

Biological Science

Lastly, we have Biological Science, which deals with living creatures and the study of living creatures, namely, animals, humans and plants. Whether you prefer animals and Zoology, Anatomy or even Botany, you will find a science for you. Living creatures can be interesting and given that we as humans are living creatures, studying our own anatomy and bodies is a great way to extend our lives and make them more comfortable. Old age doesn’t have to be a nuisance as it used to be for our predecessors. 

The world was once different and only philosophers knew the ins and outs of our world. But with more and more education and more scientists who were not strictly philosophers, science started to be less of a phenomenon which only the smartest, the geniuses, could study. Science was categorized and today, we have the four major branches of science, with plenty sub-branches, something for everyone to study.