The Importance of Science – Science has Done a Lot For Us

When you’re looking at your phone, connected to the internet, do you ever ask yourself, how did we get here? And that question is not supposed to question your own life decisions, but rather the scientific journey of the entire human race. The journey from having fire to having an internet connection, both of which changed humanity, was a long one. There is no two ways about it, science has left its mark on us and it will keep leaving a mark. Science is what brought us here and with a couple of very important discoveries (and plenty of important ones, without the very). We can find science present wherever we cast a look, from music and sports to betting and gambling online with the Spin Casino Bonus. Here are the most important discoveries of our time, which got us to where we are.


This is pretty obvious. Fire kept us safe, fire gave us power. Fire also provided us with new ways of making food, cleaning it and making it safer to eat. Those are the obvious, direct benefits of discovering fire. Then came the weapons, and then, internal combustion engines, but prior to those, steam power. All of these things were driven by the discovery of fire. It is safe to say that fire played a vital role in our history.


This came late in our history, it’s much more recent than distant. Antibiotics changed the way we looked at diseases. They were no longer acts of an angry god or curses, but bacteria which infected us. Antibiotics also helped us understand bacteria and mutations, especially for those bacteria which become resistant to antibiotics.


The discovery of electricity is another thing which made our lives a lot better. It was discovered a long time ago, in ancient Egypt but the earliest scientist actually researching it was Thales of Miletus, of ancient Greece, in 600 BCE. Benjamin Franklin was another who studied electricity, though about a thousand  years later, in the 18th century.

When alternating current was discovered and used to its full potential, we shifted our focus towards things smaller and more efficient, like the transistor.


The transistor, the driver of modern technology. It was discovered in 1947 and it cannot be overstated how important they are. Your phone, your computer, all of them have billions of transistors inside just one processing unit, the CPU. Transistors really changed our world, making possible computers, amplifiers and a lot more things.

The Internet

This is something many of us use every single day. Some people criticize the internet and mobile phones, yet they still use them, to read the news, to look up solutions to problems, ads for vehicles, computer parts and even order food. The internet has changed us, connecting everyone all over the world. That gives us infinite resources regarding information, but also socializing. It fills many aspects of our lives, including entertainment. The internet is also evolving, becoming faster, cheaper and available to most of us. The copper wire can only transfer that much data, so optic cables are becoming more popular, meaning faster internet.

Science is very important, as we have already established. From fire to the internet, science has changed our lives for the better. It is almost scary to think what else will we benefit from in the coming years. Cyber-helmets, space colonization? Stick around and find out.