The Coolest Natural Phenomena – The Most Amazing Natural Phenomena You Can Experience

When we explore our world, we get to see some amazing things. Bioluminescent plants and animals, polar lights, amazing storms and even humans can surprise us at times. We can experience some of the coolest things just by going to a certain location. Some of us, however, never get to experience those things simply because we are not aware that they exist and even if we are, we are not aware of where we should go to do or see the said things. Here are the most interesting natural phenomena and where you could go to see them.

Polar Lights

Polar lights are either called aurora borealis or aurora australis, or aurora polaris. They are called polar lights or aurora polaris, because they only appear in the polar regions, whether north or south. You can go to Greenland, or any Nordic country to experience these. The countries themselves have guides on when you should visit them to see the polar lights. The southern polar lights are also an option, so have that in mind if you want to see these colorful, beautiful events. 

Night Rainbows – Moonbows

These moonbows or night rainbows appear at night, instead of day. They also appear during the day, but are more interesting during the night. They are here because of the moon, or rather, the moon reflecting the Sun. That being said, moonbows are much more interesting and rare. You can find them wherever there are waterfalls and a clear night sky. Look up where you have a local waterfall, pick a clear, full moon night and enjoy the colors.

Red Rain

Red rain is not caused by some weird curse or godly intervention, but rather red algae spores. There have been plenty of sightings of such a phenomenon but the most famous and best recorded one was in India and it took place in 2001. As mentioned, the cause of this blood-red rain are spores from red algae. This might happen everywhere where you can find red algae.


There is nothing like seeing fireflies glow, right? Imagine seeing an entire ocean light up. This phenomenon is called bioluminescence, which is a subtype of chemiluminescence. It is a chemical reaction within an insect or deep-sea animal which lights up in certain circumstances. Fireflies are the most common insects which we see do this. In oceans, however, there are plenty of fish and jellyfish, crustaceans and cephalopods. The light they emit is often blue or green, at least for ocean animals. Some emit infrared light, even, some purple. This phenomena can be seen all over the world where there are oceans, and for insects, almost everywhere.

The world is full of amazing phenomena and natural occurrences. You should first know of these in order to experience them. Once you get to know these things, you can set off into the world and experience them. Who knows what else you can see along the way.