The Best Science YouTube Channels to Follow

Learning science can take a lot of time, unlike using the Mr. Play Casino bonus. Imagine if you had to go through an entire course of quantum mechanics just to understand a simple joke? Well, that would be too much. People are often very visual when it comes to learning. Sure, some prefer auditory or kinetic learning, applying their bodies in the physical sense, but visually, almost everyone does better. This is why YouTube is such a great medium for learning. It’s free, for the most part, and has plenty of channels dedicated to science and learning. Here are the best science channels to follow.


Science is great, but if you don’t work out properly and take care of your body, you will eventually be hurt and in distress, requiring various help for nutrition and fitness. Jeff Cavaliere, coach and physical therapist is here to help, posting free videos which have no hidden messages or magical pills, only reality, based on science (he often gets the skeleton out to show what is going on with your body, as well as draws on his own muscles). Taking care of your body and understanding biomechanics and nutrition is much easier with Athlean-X.


Ever wondered what would happen if the Sun disappeared at some point, like, it’s just gone? Vsauce also wondered the same thing and tried hard to explain it. This channel explores plenty theoretical concepts, ranging from possible to extremely unlikely (like everyone jumping at the same time on the planet). It is a very popular channel which is great for everyone who prefers theory and grandiose ideas and their discussion.


If you like to know your science in under 10 minutes, this is the channel for you. It is not difficult to watch videos which are 5 minutes long but manage to still explain almost everything in such a short period of time. Want to learn how much sleep you need? You can do it before bedtime, even. If you want science, and want it fast, this is the right channel for you.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Yes, that is the name of the channel. The first word means what follows the hyphen, in a nutshell. The channel takes lots of experience, years of knowledge and research and turns them into short animated videos which almost anybody can understand. That leaves people with a sense of accomplishment, because now they now have a grasp on complex ideas and concepts.

Science sometimes takes years to understand, but at other times, it takes only a YouTube video. Here are the best channels which you can follow if you want to understand science and its many branches and fields, in a matter of minutes.